Healing with     

fractal holograms

HoloGraphic Light is a revolutionary breakthrough in BioFeedback technology. Utilizing decades of science and the beauty of fractal integration, these holograms open the soul to receive light and healing in an extraordinary way. Designed to compliment a multitude of healing modalities and Quantum Energy Healers, Holograms work on an individual basis. Holographic Light Activation is at the heart of this immersive technology. These beautiful fractal holograms open the soul to receive the healing intentions through each session.

Several powerful processes are used to determine the greatest opportunity for transformation. Spectral Image Scan evaluates an image of the client or a selected image that represents a desired outcome, Frequential Voice Analysis determines subtle indicators of opportunities for immediate manifestation, transformation of patterned challenges, and vibrational shifts. All holograms were created, designed, and engineered by K.A.K.

MEDICAL INFORMATION: Those who experience migraines, epilepsy, seizures or any other brain disorder is unable to do this therapy.