Intuitive Wellness is not just a holistic center for spiritual health, we are a consciousness. 

Daily we meet individuals who are truly ready for spiritual enlightenment, progression, and ascension.  We focus our energy on helping people obtain these higher levels of overall consciousness. Our team has several individuals who present with unique spiritual gifts to help one discover their true selves and recover their true spirituality.

How do we do this?  We provide many forms of healing such as Reiki energy healing using crystals, stones, & wands, Holographic light therapy for the skin using 3D hologram Biofeedback technology, Guided Meditations with and without light activation, and Hologram Light Activation to unlock hidden secrets about your own true identity.


Often there is a misconception about the use of holistic tools.  The use of crystals, wands, and pendulums simply are tangible aids that like us, hold energy.  

Crystals are used during our energy healing sessions & sometimes in meditations to help increase one's frequency & vibration.  

Wands are used by our healers during energy healings to extend or amplify the energy field manipulated by the healer. Although they look "magical" they are used only for benevolent purpose.

Pendulums are used during Chakra balancing sessions to help the healer recognize points of strength & also weakness in one's 7 Chakra zones.

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Taurus has practiced spiritual energy healing for over 20 years.  A Usui Reiki Master of Ancient Healing, Taurus possesses the necessary attributes to guide, teach, and heal those in pain.  Whether emotional, spiritual, or physical pain individuals receive one-on-one personal attention with mastered & prophetic programs designed just for you. From guided meditations & quantum energy healing to Light Activation, we have everything one would need on their journey to spiritual enlightenment.

Taurus has used this healing ability to help the lives of others through his knowledge of energy all around us.

As this planet enters into a new age of ascension and transformation, Taurus can help guide you to the path of enlightenment and personal ascension.

Utilizing superior technologies rare to this earth, Taurus will provide you with a spiritual awakening that will leave you feeling the peace you've always desired for your life. 

"Living in the moment is essential for spiritual progression..."


"Truth is the frequency that will set mankind free from its bonds of everyday reality.  Truth gives one the power to take back their life and start on a new path towards enlightenment, self-recovery, and self-discovery." -Anyalys 


Intuitive, Empath, & Reiki Master

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman