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Feel the love. Each gem in this specially curated collection of crystals offers powerful properties that encourage friendship and connection with others. Keep your gypsy spirit alive while meeting and making new friends throughout your travels with these companions in your pocket.

Hematite - helps improve relationships, strengthens self-confidence
Emerald - deepens unconditional love, keeps friendships in balance
Rhodonite - clears away resentment and anger and helps find forgiveness
Rose Quartz - 'The Love Stone', enhances all types of love - self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional; raises self-esteem
Unakite - promotes a feelings of partnership, helps one see beyond the flaws of others

  • Contents include: 1- Hematite, 1- Rhodonite, 1- Rose Quartz, 1- Unakite, 1- Emerald, 1- Stone Meanings Card, 1- Stamped canvas pouch
  • Stones approx. 0.5” to 1" length
  • Each stone is unique; size, shape, and color will vary. Stone finish (e.g. tumbled, rough, polished, point, etc.) may vary from what is pictured.

"Friendship" Pocket Crystal Healing Set

SKU: friendshipset
  • This item may be returned within 7 days for a full refund in new condition

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