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Chakra Energy Balancing Program

Immerse yourself in a program designed for spiritual enlightenment

  • 1 hour
  • 850.00
  • Plaza 777

Service Description

This energy & spiritual balancing program is designed for those looking to progress their connection to Divine Source Energy. Combining the use of aromatherapy, sound therapy, fractal light therapy with holograms, guided meditation, Chakra balancing energy therapy, as well as therapy from the inside of your body by way of crystal energized water treatments this program encompasses the entire spectrum of energy healing and self-discovery. Be prepared for some amazing results and a transformation that is truly recognizable. Program Includes (6) Sessions & (1) VitaJuwel "Wellness" Water Bottle 1. Consultation & Chakra Evaluation: 45 min session includes a consultation to determine your individual needs, chakra evaluation using crystals, 20 min chakra enriching meditation with fractal hologram light activation, aromatherapy, and VitaJuwel water therapy based on your body's individual needs. 2. Chakra Evaluation, Guided Meditation with Chakra Light Therapy: 45 min session includes a re-evaluation of your Chakras, a 20 minuted Chakra based guided meditation, 20 minutes of Chakra Hologram Light Therapy, VitaJuwel crystal energized water therapy & aromatherapy. 3. Usumi Reiki Energy Healing, Hologram Light Activation Therapy, Guided Meditation, Crystal Energized Water Therapy: 1 Hr session includes 20 minutes of guided meditation to aroma & sound therapy, 20 minutes of Reiki Energy strengthening, 10 minutes of Hologram Light Activation, and 5 minutes of Crystal Water Therapy. 4. Meditation, Selfeggio Sound Therapy, Hologram Light Activation, Crystal Water Therapy: 1 HR session includes a 20 minuted guided meditation for total body relaxation, 15 minutes of Selfeggio Sound Therapy utilizing harmonic tuning forks, 15 minutes of Holographic Light Activation, 5 Minutes of Crystal Water Therapy. 5. In Essence Card Reading, Chakra Enriching Meditation, Mandala Light Therapy, Crystal Water Therapy, Aromatherapy: 1 HR session includes a 10 minute "In Essence" Card Reading with explanation, 15 Minute Chakra Enriching Meditation, 15 Minute Mandala Hologram Light Therapy, Aromatherapy, and 5 minute Crystal Energy Water Therapy. 6. Chakra Evaluation, Crystal Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, Holographic Light Activation, Crystal Energy Water Therapy, and final Chakra evaluation. TO PURCHASE THIS PLAN PLEASE SEE OUR PACKAGES PAGE.

Contact Details

  • 1890 West State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ, USA


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