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Holographic Light Bath


Relax in a peaceful, spa-like room while allowing this treatment to calm all of your senses.  Listen to the sound of trickling water and soothing music while engaging your smell to aromatherapy.  All while your largest organ; the skin is being bathed in healing light frequencies of fractal holograms.

Energy Healing With Light Bath

Imagine yourself in a spa-like room and being relaxed by soothing music.  Next your sense of smell is activated by aromatherapy while you calm your thoughts to a 15 min guided meditation with light activation using 3D Holograms.  Finally our Usui Reiki Master will perform a touchless, spiritual energy healing with the use of intense color fractal holograms that are projected over your entire body.  These holograms activate dormant cells in the body's largest organ; the skin to trigger the self-healing process. All therapies include crystal water therapy.

Our Services

Medical Information Regarding Services:

For your safety we screen each person's medical history for these documented medical conditions:

Detox Foot/Hand Baths: Contraindications for those who have these conditions are observed-Pregnancy or Lactation, Recent surgery within 12 months, artificial parts/pieces such as hip replacement, knee replacement, metal screws or bolts, pacemakers etc. are not permitted to participate in the foot bath due to the frequency.

3D HOLOGRAPHIC LIGHT: For your safety, those who have seizures, epilepsy, migraines or other brain disorders such as recent concussions etc. are not permitted to participate in Light therapies. 

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